Area Arrangements Files and Facility Files

Area Arrangements Files and Facility Files – Differences and when are needed?

Israel's companies and organizations must be ready and prepared for any emergency, such as terrorist attacks, wars, natural disasters, gas leaks, fires, and other incidents.

To prepare for various emergencies, specific organizations are obligated by law to define an emergency procedure.

A facility File is by the power of the Business Licensing (Dangerous Factories) Regulations, 1993. This means that the file is required when the business is, by definition, a hazardous factory. Warehouses can also fall within this category.

An area arrangements file is by the power of the Israeli Chief Fire Inspector's directive and applies to structures that are 29 meters (95 feet) or higher above the main entrance and to structures listed in Appendix A of Directive 503. Practically speaking, a facility file is a more detailed area arrangements file, referring to chemical substances and events. 

The objective of these two files is to provide the necessary information and best define how the fire-fighting and rescue forces and the structures' management can be assisted in dealing with emergencies in the most effective way.

Area arrangements files and facility files – what information do they contain?

Having explained the importance of both the files, the following summarizes their differences.

An area arrangements file includes a list of the officeholders and the people responsible for dealing with emergencies and their contact details, possible solutions to the various emergencies – following the execution of risk assessment, specifications of the building's fire detection and extinguishing systems, as well as the water and electricity systems, an accurate description of the structure's environment, including industrial, commercial and residential areas, and a description of the escape routes, structure and site plans, drawings and pictures.

In addition to the area arrangements file, the facility file (for hazardous factories) will include:

  • a facility plan and an exact list of all the dangerous substances.
  • Labeling and marking of these substances.
  • Ways of handling them.

The facility file will also include a detailed breakdown of all malfunctions and incidents that may occur while working in the area of hazardous substances. 

The file will contain information about the facility's safety measures, fire detection and extinguishing systems, equipment, and personal protection, suppression, and fire alarm detection systems. 

The plant's preparedness plan will also include the means of neutralizing malfunctions and incidents, their operation, as well as a list, and contact information, of people that are experienced in handling these faults, a work plan for operating equipment and human resources, and ways to contact the relevant authorities for reporting.

All production plants and public buildings owners are obligated to update the area arrangements files and facility files once a year to enable the fire and rescue forces to handle the emergencies most efficiently and reduce the risks to human lives, the environment, and property.

Only a professional is allowed to prepare the area arrangements and facility files. However, if you are interested in receiving professional assistance with the files, you are welcome to contact our company, Safety On, and we will be happy to help you prepare these two essential files.

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