Safety - It's a benefit For Your Business!

An optimal safety climate increases performance and improves the quality of work. At Safety On, we provide safety services in a different approach. Our service includes a safety officer, safety consultant, training, and other services in the field of Safety.
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Safety On understands that most companies and factories in the economy produce a "product," but do not manufacture safety to make a living.
Our goal is to help these businesses and enterprises produce the "product" that makes them a living in an efficient, high-quality, and safe manner with the help of our safety consulting and training service, "Tailor-made Safety."

By using safety consultants and safety training, you will be able to maintain the safety of the array you have built. This will enable you to address a dynamic and evolving world.

Through Safety On Consulting and Training Services, we promote and raise safety under the needs of each organization by using proven models in the field so that safety becomes an integral part of the daily work.


Workplace Safety Officer - Is It Mandatory in Every Organization?

The law explicitly defines which workplaces must employ an occupational safety officer. What are the criteria, and do they apply to you as well ?! Log in to read >>

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An Area Arrangements File – Don't be caught without it in an emergency

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A Facility File – what is it and why is it important

To reduce risks, the Business Licensing Regulations define any organization or enterprise that stores hazardous materials as a dangerous enterprise holding a Facility File. What characterizes a Facility File? Log in to read >>

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What are the Difference Between Area Arrangements Files and Facility Files?

A Facility File refers to business licensing regulations when referring to hazardous production facilities, while an Area Arrangements File refers to a directive of a Chief Fire Inspector. For more information, click here!

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