Safety Consultant

Your employees invest long hours in their work; they may be at work more than home.

In these times - from those moments when workers leave their home on their way to work, are at work, and return home, they must be protected from injury.

This responsibility rests with every employer under regulations. 

To ensure employees are in a safe place to maintain their health, it is highly recommended that an occupational safety consultant or occupational safety officer must be employed 

The roles of an occupational safety consultant

An occupational safety consultant has a great deal of knowledge, and the fire authority, police, and local authorities trust him to find practical solutions and avoid risks.

In most cases, an occupational safety consultant has gained experience in safety engineering or as a safety supervisor and has been trained in a way that allows him to help companies find effective solutions. These solutions include: building safety plans and obtaining approvals from the authorities, delivering training to company employees, and conducting risk surveys.

In addition, a workplace safety consultant assists the business owner in obtaining a business license, building a fire safety plan, getting a poison permit, and more.

Beyond that, the safety consultant represents the business owner before the relevant authorities: the fire and rescue authorities, the Ministry of Environmental Protection, and Labor.

The occupational safety consultant is also required in cases of mass incidents where the issue of safety is of great importance.

By getting a professional safety consultant service, any business owner will be able to maintain the employees' health and thereby improve the quality of their work.

Safety consulting tailored to each business

Along with the established safety procedures, each business should operate, each workplace has its characteristics.

The type of work, its location, the equipment, materials, and accessories used by the employees are an integral part of the characteristics of the business, and for the employees to be safe, the conduct of each company must be individually tailored.

Occupational safety consultants who have gained experience in many workplaces can make the mitigations best.

If you are interested in receiving a professional safety consultant service, you are welcome to contact our company - Safety On.

Our company specializes in providing occupational safety advice to companies and factories when our services include, among others: implementation of the 18001 standard, ergonomic advice, safety consultant, safety training, and preparation of the workplace for emergencies.

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Safety On - Safety above all

Obtaining occupational safety advice from us will allow you to retain employees, reduce the frequency of their replacement, reduce the risk of work accidents and indirect costs in cases of work accidents, reduce the premium, improve the sense of employees, the image of the business and streamline work.

 To tailor the service personally, we address all the company's needs in the modern world.

 Our extensive experience will ensure you and your employees a safe work environment and an improvement in the quality of work.

If you are interested in receiving safety advice from us at work or service on any other issue, you are welcome to contact us by phone, email, or filling in your details in the contact form, and we will get back to you soon.