Safety Plans and Regulatory Documents

Yes, it is as complicated as it sounds. But that's why we do it for you. As an employee manager, you have so many tasks, and we, at Safety On, can help you take care of some of these tasks. For example, we can take care of a safety management plan, safety procedures, area arrangements files, facility files, toxins permits, and other regulatory documents that you are required to produce.

Employee Manager - Receive assistance from an external source.

An employee-manager has many responsibilities, including an obligation concerning the day-to-day routine work. The manager should get assistance from an external source to ensure that all the necessary safety actions will be performed under the standards and regulations. An integral part of the tasks that need to be carried out in the organization is preparing a safety plan.

The importance of the safety plan and what it includes 

The objective of preparing a safety plan is to have an effective method for safety management in the organization.

According to the regulations in Israel, any workplace that employs 50 employees or more must prepare a safety management plan. This plan helps management reduce the cases of occupational diseases and workplace accidents.

This plan is, of course, essential also in workplaces with less than 50 employees.

The safety plan should be updated at least once a year to remain relevant and address all changes and regulations. In addition, the safety plan should be updated in cases where there are changes in work procedures.

The safety plan requires many actions, such as describing the workplace, providing an explanation of the workplace health and occupational safety policy, describing the health and occupational safety system, conducting risk management, documenting and following up on periodic inspections of materials and equipment, and develop health and safety training schedule, including specific content based on the risk identification and assessment. The plan also requires to follow up on medical examinations for relevant employees, manage approvals and permits and renew licenses and permits necessary for maintaining employee safety. In addition, other requirements are to prepare a list of safety, health, and work procedures and emergency procedures, including leakage of hazardous substances or fire, and to provide a detailed explanation of how to act in these cases.

A risk assessment should also be conducted. This survey is a key part of any safety management plan. To complete the identification and assessment, one has to perform a risk analysis of processes and tasks that are performed during work. Then, actions are determined to detect hazards, define inspections to prevent and minimize risks, and appoint personnel responsible for carrying out these inspections.

Risk identification and assessment also instruct to conduct environmental monitoring and surveys, set rules as to how changes will be made, and set rules as to how findings of the inspections will be handled and lessons will be drawn from past accidents to prevent their recurrence.

Safety On - Making the workplace safer and helping the managers

Working following a detailed safety plan will maintain a safe work environment. By acquiring the services of our company, Safety On, employee managers can reduce their workload significantly.

Our company specializes in working with organizations to combine creative thinking and proactive actions. Our services include implementing the 18001 standards, safety officers, safety training, preparing the workplace for an emergency, writing area arrangements files and facility files, handling various regulatory documents, preparing a safety management plan, and conducting risk identification and assessments.

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