Laser Safety Officer

In 2005, the State of Israel defined occupational safety regulations that apply to workers, whose work includes exposure to laser radiation. The objective of these regulations is to ensure that workers dealing with laser radiation are aware of the risks that exist in their work and will comply with the health and safety regulations. 

What are the qualifications required of a laser safety officer?

 Among the requirements in the Regulations are sections 4 and 6. Under section 4 any workplace which has employees that work with a dangerous laser product must appoint a laser safety officer. The employment of a laser safety officer is incumbent on the employer. Section 6 states that a laser safety officer is a professional having certain skills. He must have an accredited degree in the fields of electro-optics and nuclear sciences, electronics, electricity, engineering, technology or natural sciences. 

In addition, he is required to attend a laser safety officers' course and obtain a professional certification. 

Moreover, a laser safety officer must have experience in working with laser systems, with the risk rating of 3B and 4. A laser safety officer who meets the requirements of professional experience and education in accordance with the sections written in the law, and holds a certificate of a laser safety course, will be recognized by the Chief Labor Inspector. 

What are the roles of a laser safety officer? On some of his duties 

The laser safety officer has a variety of roles, which include advising the employer on all safety issues, with an emphasis on laser safety, preparing a laser safety plan that includes detailed information on all laser risk areas and training workers on laser safety. 

He should also make sure that there are engineering protection measures, which are required by a certifying lab or the manufacturer. It is his role to characterize personal protective equipment designed to address the risks when working with laser, to ensure that signage in the workplace has been done in accordance with regulations, to investigate the circumstances of workplace accidents, conduct environmental-hygienic tests using a certified lab, prepare safety instructions for working with laser and conduct a risk survey, implement its findings and define the instructions to be followed. 

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