Workplace Safety Officer - Is It Mandatory in Every Organization?

A workplace Safety Officer can be a substantial asset to any company or organization since he is a professional whose objective is to maintain a safer and more pleasant work environment. 

However, it is worth noting that the law in Israel, for example, explicitly states which workplaces are required to employ a Safety Officer. For example, any production plant with 50 or more employees must provide the services of a professional and high-quality Safety Officer. It should be emphasized that many workplaces that are not defined as production plants are required by law to retain a Safety Officer. This includes hotels, catering companies, airlines, airports, local councils, medical institutions, etc. 

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Workplace safety officers - what weren't you told about them?

 First of all, it should be emphasized that many organizations and companies choose to retain a Safety Officer, even though they are not required to do so by law. 

Although the law compels many workplaces to employ a Safety Officer to reduce the safety hazards on-site, many workplaces understand the benefits of employing a Safety Officer and choose to use one at their discretion. 

Furthermore, it is important to understand that while the law does not compel all workplaces to employ a Safety Officer, it still considers the employer accountable for their safety and health. In other words, in a workplace accident, the employer (or his insurance company) will be responsible for paying compensation to the employee. 

However, employing a Safety Officer makes it possible to significantly reduce the risks to work accidents and occupational diseases, thus saving quite a lot of money and unnecessary headaches. 

Workplace Safety Officer - All the Reasons to Employ One 

Apart from the fact that employing a Safety Officer safeguards the employees' health and ensures a safety climate in the workplace, it is also a long-term investment. By reducing the risk of workplace accidents and occupational diseases, saving quite a lot in insurance premiums is possible. 

Moreover, the most important and valuable resource in any workplace is the employees. Therefore, providing them with a pleasant and safe work environment is worthwhile since it contributes to their morale and motivation to invest and succeed. 

Keep in mind that every employee wants to feel important and valued, so investing in their safety can achieve the desired goal. 

A workplace Safety Officer is responsible for reporting various safety hazards, providing recommendations for minimizing risks in the workplace, writing instructions and safety procedures, conducting investigations into accidents, and more. 

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