The Advantages Of Employing a Safety Officer

Today there is an increasing number of organizations and companies, which choose to invest in employing a professional and experienced Safety Officer. This is a professional who can contribute significantly to any workplace, as he is responsible for creating a safer and healthier work environment. The most important resource in any workplace is its employees, so it is important to invest in them and provide them with a safe work environment. Also, the law in Israel states that the employer is responsible for the safety and health of his employees, including workplace accidents and occupational diseases. 

For these very reasons, it is important to employ a Safety Officer, who will be able to reduce the risk of work accidents and occupational diseases, as well as maintain a safer work environment. 

We at Safety On specialize in safety, and we will be happy to provide you with a professional and high-quality Safety Officer. 

Why Should You Employ a Safety Officer?

First of all, the law requires that every production plant that employs 50 or more workers must appoint a Safety Officer. 

This also applies to many other workplaces, such as hotels, medical centers, airports, and construction companies with at least 100 employees. However, many companies and organizations choose to employ a Safety Officer, even though they are not required to do so by law. These companies do so, as they wish to avoid work accidents and occupational diseases, which may create negative impression and reputation. 

Moreover, in case of a work accident, the employee may sue the employer, and this causes the insurance premium to go up. Therefore, employers who want to save on unnecessary expenses, often prefer to invest in high-level Safety Officers, to minimize risks and save themselves unnecessary headaches and costs. 

All The Benefits of a Safety Officer

A Safety Officer enables the employer to create a safer and more pleasant work environment, which can serve as a significant advantage. 

Every employee wants to work in a professional workplace, which is very strict about safety issues and takes care of the employees' safety and security. 

This creates a more positive reputation for the company, and can help in recruiting future employees. 

Moreover, a Safety Officer is responsible for removing and reporting on safety hazards, he recommends on various actions aimed at minimizing risks, and of course, writes safety instructions and procedures, which are individually customized to the nature of the work at the company. 

In addition, a Safety Officer should conduct investigations into work accidents that have occurred on-site and draw conclusions, in order to avoid recurring accidents. 

Also, the role of the Safety Officer is to prevent damage to the environment and property, maintain safety in the workplace and to enable efficient and smooth operations. 

We, at Safety On, specialize in workplace safety. We will be happy to provide you with a professional and experienced Safety Officer, who will be able to help you with in making your work environment safer and more pleasant. For more information, please contact us.