A Facility File – what is it and why is it important

 In Israel, the Business Licensing (Hazardous Factories) Regulations, 1993, define some of the existing production plants in the country as "Hazardous Factories." They are defined as hazardous because they store dangerous substances in larger quantities than those listed in the Hazardous Substances Law, such as gasoline, chlorine, ammonia, and other substances. The presence of these substances in the plants may lead to emergency situations, such as explosions, fire or leakage of hazardous substances. These events may occur when dangerous substances are used carelessly or incorrectly. When workers are not careful enough and do not store, maintain or transfer the hazardous substances correctly from one place to another, there is a greater chance for an emergency situation. Technical malfunctions can also lead to emergencies. Due to the nature of the substances, this incident may affect the plant's close environment and even farther away.

Facility File – what information is included in the file?  

To reduce the risks and even prevent them, the Business Licensing Regulations stipulate that any organization or company that stores or uses hazardous substances and has been defined as a dangerous factory must produce a facility file. This file contains detailed crucial information regarding dealing with emergencies in production plants. The facility file includes much information, including the plant's plan and description, details of the safety system, list of means of transportation, list of means of protection and equipment, details of crews and personnel responsible for handling emergencies, fire-fighting and fire detection system and methods of handling fire and hazardous substance incidents, emergency preparedness plan and details of possible emergencies depending on the type of plant.

The immense importance of preparing a facility file correctly

A facility file that contains all the essential data and actions to be taken helps prevent hazardous incidents by pre-identifying the risks, which enables taking a right preventive measures and reducing the occurrence of emergency situations. The facility file also helps reduce injuries and damage to property by providing clear guidelines for dealing with emergencies. The file also assists in rehabilitation following an emergency situation and in restoring the factory to operation quickly.

Safety On - We prepare professional facility files

A facility file written accurately and correctly can save lives prevent heavy property damage, and is necessary for any factory that works with hazardous substances.

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