How do you apply for a Poisons Permit? Everything you must know!

In Israel, there is a law, which explicitly states that no person may deal with dangerous substances, without a special permit, issued by an superior on behalf of the Israel Minister of Environmental Protection. Therefore, any type of production plant or business, which is interested in working in this field, must apply for a poisons permit

Filling out this application requires meticulous attention to various subtleties and wordings. 

We, at Safety On, will be happy to assist and walk you through the process, until you receive the desired permit. 

We specialize in safety, and guarantee to personally accompany you, in order to ensure that you and your employees, have a safer and more pleasant workplace. 

Once obtaining the poisons permit, it is possible to start using dangerous substances and perform any type of activity that involves them, including manufacturing, importing, marketing and purchasing. 

Applying for a poisons permit – what is important to know 

First and foremost, it is important to understand that the primary objective of a poisons permit, is to make sure that the business has the knowledge and ability to deal with dangerous substances. Without prior knowledge in the field, many problematic situations can arise, and these can endanger the employees and the immediate environment, both in day-to-day work and in emergency situations. 

It is imperative that all employees on-site know how to properly handle the dangerous substances and comply with all relevant safety regulations. 

Moreover, the poisons permit is specifically customized to each type of industry, so each permit provides different guidelines regarding the type of work required with the dangerous substances, the signage, and of course, the most optimal form of storage of the substances in question. 

Applying for a poisons permit - important issues that are worth knowing 

It is worth knowing that all types of dangerous substances are classified according to their hazard level. Also, each type of business has its own hazard level, so in order to obtain a poisons permit, it is necessary to comply with a wide range of different requirements. 

Moreover, each business will have to pay different fees and have a variable validity of the permit, depending on the hazard level of the dangerous substances and of the business. 

However, there are businesses that are not required to hold a poisons permit, since it depends on the quantities and concentration of the dangerous substances. It is advisable to consult a company that specializes in this field, in order to avoid unnecessary problems, since working with poisons without a permit, can be considered a criminal offense. 

To submit the application, it is required to fill out the right form, enclose the relevant documents and of course, pay the right fee. 

We, at Safety On, will be happy to assist and advise you in everything related to submitting an application for a poisons permit

We specialize in this field and can assist every company and factory, and make sure that they operate in accordance with the law, while complying with all safety regulations. For advice and more information, please contact us.