How to write an effective workplace Safety Plan

  An effective workplace safety plan is designed to prevent cases of workplace accidents or occupational diseases. The initial objective of the safety plan is to minimize the various risks that exist in every workplace, in order to safeguard employees' health and safety. This is actually a detailed annual plan, which includes a wide range of different actions that need to be taken, in order to maintain safety. 

The plan should include the various focal point, who are responsible for carrying out these actions and of course, a breakdown of the resources, necessary for carrying out the plan. In addition, it should include a defined and clear schedule. 

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All that you must know about an effective safety plan  

First of all, it should be emphasized that a safety plan should include specific topics, including details of all safety trainings planned for the coming year, set of health and safety procedures, emergency procedures, equipment testing procedures, detailed list of all medical tests required for the staff, and risk identification results. These issues are listed in the regulations of the Israel Workplace Safety Organization (Safety Management Plan, 2013). 

Only a professional, who specializes in workplace safety, is authorized to write a safety plan that is customized to the unique characteristics and needs of any company or organization. 

Writing a safety plan requires professional knowledge and training on behalf of the Israel Department of Labor Supervision. Therefore, only a person who meets all the necessary criteria may write a safety plan. 

The law explicitly states that the writer of the plan must hold a valid certificate. 

How to do you guarantee an effective workplace safety plan? 

A high-quality and professional safety plan must be written by a person with the right certification, that has also extensive experience and knowledge in the field of safety. It should be e clear that the core of the plan focuses on risk management. This is a process that includes risk identification and analysis of existing risks in the workplace. The safety plan should address these risks and offer various solutions that are designed to reduce the level of risk, a person or body responsible for the implementation of that solution, as well as a person or body responsible for that risk. 

Moreover, the plan should include proactive actions, aimed at finding hazards in the workplace, environmental monitoring and setting rules and procedures for addressing the findings of the various tests. 

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