Making the Lab a Safe Place - Lab Safety Training

The need for efficient work that generates profits for the business, company, organization, or production plant cannot be overstated. Nevertheless, it is equally significant to ensure the health and safety of employees and to avoid causing damage to the environment, animals, plants, or property. 

The responsibility for maintaining safety rests with the employers, and therefore, they must take all necessary measures. Among the variety of ways designed to maintain safety, employers are obligated to conduct employee safety training, as they cannot assume that employees are aware of existing risks, know how to prevent them and how to handle emergencies. 

As part of the safety training, which must be customized to each and every business, the employees will acquire the knowledge required for proper and safe conduct in the workplace, whether it is training regarding risks or working safely to prevent risks. 

In addition, the employer must provide his employees with a written summary of all the risks in the workplace.

Safety training for lab workers - key guidelines

The content of the training must be tailored to the type of work performed and to the risks involved in performing it. Safety training can include many topics, including how to work correctly with personal protective equipment, practicing emergency situations, and maintaining safety when working with electricity and fire.

When working in labs, there are many inherent risks, as workers are exposed to hazardous substances. Damage to the skin, working with needles, and exposure to chemicals can harm workers, and if any material catches fire, it can damage the lab infrastructure and the workers.

By conducting lab safety training, the risks can be reduced, and workplace accidents can even be prevented. These accidents may occur due to unsafe working methods, the operation of various devices, and other actions that are all performed using unsafe practices.

According to occupational safety regulations, the employer is obliged to provide safety training to lab workers at least once a year. In addition, the employer is obliged to provide training on lab emergency measures at least twice a year. Employees must understand the risks to which they are exposed. They must also know what emergency procedures to follow, and understand what protective equipment to use and how it should be used as part of safety training. 

The information provided in the training must always be current and clear. Topics of training for lab workers should include risks in working with glassware and sharp objects, biological hazards, risks associated with using lab equipment, fume hoods, personal protective equipment, exposure to hazardous substances, use of material safety data sheets, storage of hazardous substances, emergency situation conduct, prevention of fires and maintaining safety in case of a fire outbreak.

Providing Professional Lab Safety Training with Safety On

You have a responsibility to ensure the safety of lab workers as employers. There is a legal as well as a moral responsibility here.

We, at Safety On, can assist you in everything related to workplace safety, as well as can provide your employees with professional safety training. You are welcome to contact us, ask any questions and receive a professional and reliable service.