Rules of Conduct During a Workplace Fire

A fire outbreak in any workplace is undoubtedly an extremely traumatic and stressful event. it is one of the biggest threats, as fire can cause immense damages to both property and life. Many people may lose their lives as a result of smoke inhalation or suffocation. Therefore, it is imperative to prepare in advance, in order to prevent the next disaster. 

There are rules of conduct in case of a fire, which can save lives, and even reduce the level of damage that may be caused to the place. 

We at Safety On, specialize in safety training and firefighting training. Following our training, all employees will know exactly how to act in case of a fire and how to minimize the risk to human lives. 

Why is a Professional and Comprehensive Firefighting Training So Crucial?

One of the most effective ways to reduce the risk of a fire, is to carry out a workplace firefighting training, which includes the practice of a fire extinguisher. Fire may cause damages valued at hundreds of thousands of dollars, so it is worth investing in professional training, and prevent the fire outbreak in advance. In the course of the training, the employees will learn how to work in a safer way, to reduce the risk of a fire. They will also learn the do's and don'ts in case of a fire. 

The training includes both theoretical material and hands-on practice, so that they acquire all the knowledge regarding the various fire hazards in the workplace. Using a fire simulator, they can practice how to put out a fire using a fire extinguisher. The training includes a detailed explanation of the ways in which a fire can be extinguished and what to do in cases of heat and smoke emissions.       

Rules of Conduct in a Workplace Fire 

During the firefighting training, the employees learn how to use protective equipment and how to extinguish fire, using various methods. On-hands practice involves using a fire extinguisher on a live fire simulator. This simulator creates fire, thus giving a real feeling of fire. In addition, the practice includes rules of conduct in various cases of emergency situations, and fire evacuation procedures. 

It should be emphasized that through hands-on practice, the employees learn how to use a fire extinguisher and how to isolate the fire. This can make a massive difference between a huge and uncontrolled fire and a small one, which can be easily contained, thus preventing huge damages to life and property. 

It is important to remember that in case of a fire, it is required to unplug all electrical appliances, and try to smother the fire using a fire extinguisher. Never pour water, if there are any electrical appliances in the area, to prevent electrocution. If the fire spreads, it is important to evacuate the area, to avoid inhaling the poisonous smoke. 

We, at Safety On, specialize in firefighting training for production plants and organizations. We offer practice using water extinguishers that feel just like real fire extinguishers, so that employees can practice using the fire extinguishers and not fear them in real-time. Professional firefighting training can provide employees with the knowledge and confidence needed to deal with an emergency situation. For more information or orders, please contact us.