The Advantages Of Employing a Laser Safety Officer

There are many advantages in employing a Laser Safety Officer (LSO), as this is a professional, who can contribute immensely to your organization or company. 

As early as 2005, Occupational Safety Regulations were enacted in Israel, which apply to any workplace that exposes its employees to laser radiation. The objective of these regulations is to ensure that employees that work with laser radiation, are aware of the various risks involved, and comply with the safety regulations, which are designed to safeguard their health. 

We, at Safety On, will be happy to provide you with a Laser Safety Officer, who can make your work environment safer and more pleasant. 

The safety officer will conduct trainings and write procedures, which will allow employees to work more efficiently and safely, while safeguarding their health. y

Who Can Serve as a Laser Safety Officer?

It should be emphasized that any workplace that uses dangerous laser devices, must appoint a Laser Safety Officer. 

The safety regulations stipulate that the employment of a Laser Safety Officer is the responsibility of the employer, and that he must ensure that this officer is a professional, holding a degree in the fields of either natural sciences, engineering, technology, electronics, electricity and the like. 

Another prerequisite is that the officer has completed a Laser Safety Officers' course and obtained a suitable professional certification. 

It is also important to verify whether this officer is experienced in working with laser systems with a risk level of B3 and 4. 

Only a person who meets all these experience and education requirements can be accredited by the Chief Labor Supervisor, and serve as a Laser Safety Officer in your workplace.   

What are the benefits of a Laser Safety Officer?  

A Laser Safety Officer can contribute enormously to any workplace that uses laser-based devices, as he provides the employer with professional consulting in all safety-related issues. 

Through professional and high-quality trainings, the laser safety officer can significantly reduce the number of workplace accidents or near-accidents, when working with laser radiation. In this way, it is possible to prevent high turnover of employees, save the budget earmarked for training new employees, and of course, save on insurance expenses, since every workplace accident increases the insurance premiums. 

In addition, the Laser Safety Officer is also responsible for preparing a laser safety plan, which should specify all the areas, where there are laser hazards, which should be handled with caution. 

The officer also carries out laser safety trainings and ensures that the employees use personal protective equipment. 

We, at Safety On, will be happy to provide you with a Laser Safety Officer, who can make your workplace safer and more pleasant. For advice and more information, please contact us.