What includes a Laser Safety Officer services?

In 2005, the State of Israel defined occupational safety regulations designed for workers, who work with laser-based devices. The objective of these regulations is to safeguard the workers, as careless work can result in injuries and accidents. The goal is to make every worker aware of the risks in his profession, so that he can perform his work in the safest way possible. 

We, at Safety On, specialize in workplace safety. We will be happy to advise you on the safety of the laser in your workplace, and also provide a laser safety officer, who can guarantee a safer and more pleasant work environment. 

The Importance of a Laser Safety Officer 

A laser safety officer instructs the managers and provides guidelines for a safe environment in accordance with the regulations. 

In order to serve as a laser safety officer, it is obligatory to meet certain conditions. Section 4 of the Regulations provides that any workplace that exposes its employees to laser radiation, by virtue of working with various laser products, must appoint a laser safety officer. The employer is required by law to employ the officer, so that he will guide the employees and streamline the work environment in terms of safety. 

Laser Safety Officer - Description

Section 6 of the Regulations provides that in order to work as a laser safety officer, certain criteria must be met. Only a person with an accredited degree in the fields of engineering, electricity, electronics, natural sciences, nuclear engineering or electro-optics, can serve as a laser safety officer. To start working in this role, it is required to attend a laser safety officers' course and obtain a suitable professional certification. A person who fails to meet the course requirements, will not be able to work in this profession. Moreover, a laser safety officer must have work experience in various laser systems, with the risk rating of 3B and 4. 

What The Service of a Laser Safety Officer Includes

A laser safety officer is a profession with a wide range of roles, including consulting and training in the area of laser safety. The officer must prepare a detailed and thorough laser safety plan, which includes exact information regarding the problem areas, which pose significant laser risks. In addition, the officer is responsible for the professional and in-depth training of the workers on-site, providing them with safer working methods. The role also entails the analysis of the employees' personal protective equipment, ensuring that it is compatible with the existing risks in the workplace. 

The officer should also investigate the circumstances that led to workplace accidents, perform environmental inspections, conduct a risk survey, and prepare the safety instructions that are most specific to the workplace. 

We, at Safety On, specialize in workplace safety. We will be happy to provide consultancy regarding laser safety, and also provide a professional and experienced laser safety officer. For more information, please contact us.