An Area Arrangements File – Don't be caught without it in an emergency

In Israel, an area arrangements file is by the power of Directive 503 of the Israeli Chief Fire Inspector, and applies to structures that are 29 meters (95 feet) or higher, above the main entrance, and to structures listed in Appendix A of the Directive. 

When preparing an area arrangements file, choosing a professional fire safety officer to perform thorough work and prepare the file correctly is very important. This way, the business owner will comply with the fire safety requirements and prevent the risk of loss of life and damage to property. 

But what is an area arrangements file? What does it contain? Following is some important information. 

But what is an area arrangements file? What information does it contain?

An area arrangements file is a type of an ID of the building. The file is written based on the needs of fire-fighting authorities and defines ways of dealing with various dangers. 

The area arrangements file provides the Fire and Rescue Services with vital information about the building. 

The file contains various details, such as: the location of the fire extinguishing systems and water systems in the building and the location of the emergency escape and rescue openings. 

In most cases, the obligation to hold an area arrangements file applies to public buildings, such as malls, hospitals, offices, and various businesses.

An expert in the field must write the area arrangements file. The file includes the workplace safety management plan and the building plan, i.e., the location of the rooms, the secure residential space, the stairs and elevators, and the doors and windows, the nature of the parking lots, the location of the air conditioning, electrical and fire extinguishing systems, the location of the toilets and other areas. 

Furthermore, the file includes additional vital information about the building, such the occupants of the building, the area of business conducted in the building and what the building is used for.

The file also details the routes of escapes from the building in the event of danger, including the location of the openings from which the rescue forces can enter, and the location of fire pumps and sprinklers.

The file also contains information regarding the emergency and fire preparedness procedures, in accordance with the conditions in the field. This section details the procedures regarding evacuation of tenants, and the ways to prevent emergencies. 

This is essential for the fire-fighting forces, because it helps them save time, since they do not need to know the place and look for escape routes. All the information needed is found in the area arrangements file.

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