Swimming Pool Safety Consultant

In the summer ,many people will go to either public or private swimming pools. Though spending a day in the pool is great fun, there is also the risk of drowning. In Israel, there have been cases of drownings, which ended in death. To prevent tragedies, it is important to recognize the risks associated with swimming pools. These risks include, among others, drowning, electrocution and exposure to chemicals. To reduce these risks, the law defined which swimming pools must hold a license. To obtain this license, one must ensure that all the necessary steps have been taken to safeguard the people in the pool. 

Public Pool Business License  

In order to open a swimming pool to the public, a business license must be obtained. In Israel, public pools in hotels, water and amusement parks, or country clubs, must all have a valid license that should be renewed every 3 years. To obtain a license for swimming pools, various tests must be taken. The issues under examination include, among others, water quality treatment, the site's security, the cleanliness and maintenance, safety and hygiene. This license can be granted by a number of bodies in Israel, including: the Ministry of Health, the police and the local authority where the pool is located. In order to obtain the license, a detailed business plan and license application must be submitted to the relevant licensing bodies. The pool operator is required to provide the authorities with various documents, including: pool operator statement, an electrician's certificate of approval for the integrity of lighting, amplifying and other electrical systems, a safety engineer's certificate of approval attesting to the safety of the facilities, structures and the pool, a lifeguard certificate, pool management certificate, renewal of business license, as well as other certifications. 

Pool Safety Consultant - The Importance of Professional Consulting  

A professional swimming pool safety consultant is essential for maintaining pool safety. It is the duty of the safety consultant to check the safety of the pool in accordance with all regulations set forth for bathing places. The consultant must examine all issues carefully before granting a certificate of approval for a public swimming pool, and recommend to the pool operators how to comply with the regulations. A safety consultant can offer the pool operators creative solutions to make the pool compliant with the law. Since the safety consultant is up-to-date with all new accessibility regulations, he can direct the pool operators regarding changes that need to be made. It should be noted that a safety consultant is required also for private swimming pools, which also require certificates of approval from the local council or the local planning and building committee. If you are interested in the services of a pool safety consultant to ensure that your pool meets all the legal standards, you are welcome to contact our company, 

Safety On, and receive high-quality service from a pool safety consultant.  As a company that specializes in safety, we can help you maintain safety in the pool and customize our services to your needs. We will be happy to be at your service.