What are the Difference Between Area Arrangements Files and Facility Files?

Many companies and organizations in Israel must be ready and prepared for any emergency. Whether it is a war, a fire, gas leak, or a terrorist attack, it is necessary to prepare in advance, thus saving lives and preventing disasters. 

The need for an emergency procedure is statutory, and so, any organization that meets certain criteria must prepare for various emergencies. 

We, at Safety On, will be happy to assist every organization and business to make its workplace a safer place for the employees and other people in the buildings. 

We will be glad to help any organization prepare an Area arrangements file or a Facility File most efficiently and professionally while complying with all relevant regulations and guidelines. 

Area Arrangements File or a Facility File – Important Facts 

First, it should be emphasized that an area arrangements file relates to business licensing regulations pertaining by definition to hazardous production facilities. It should be noted that some warehouses may fall into this category. 

On the other hand, a facility file refers in Israel to a directive of the Israeli Chief Fire Inspector. It is intended for structures listed in Appendix A of Directive 503 or for structures that are 29 meters (95 feet) or higher. 

Practically speaking, a facility file is a more detailed area arrangements file, which underscores chemical substances and events. The objective of these two files is to provide the necessary information to know exactly how to act in an emergency and how to assist the fire and rescue forces in handling the incident most efficiently. 

The Differences Between an Area Arrangements File and a Facility File

An area arrangements file must include a list of the officeholders responsible for emergencies in the structure, including their phone numbers and the quickest way to contact them. In addition, the file includes optional solutions to various emergencies. 

Furthermore, the file should include risk assessment, precise specifications of the building's fire detection and extinguishing systems, water and electricity systems, an accurate description of the structure's environment, and the escape routes, including structure plan drawings and clear pictures. 

In the case of a facility file, in addition to the above, it is also required to add a facility plan and an exact list of all the hazardous substances it contains. 

Moreover, the file should also include the ways of handling the dangerous substances and a detailed breakdown of all malfunctions and events at the site. 

Finally, a facility file should also contain a list of the facility's safety measures, suppression and fire alarm detection systems, a fire extinguishing system, and of course, equipment and personal protection. 

We, at Safety On, specialize in safety and help a wide range of companies, organizations, and factories to make their work environment safer. 

We specialize in preparing Area Arrangements and Facility Files. We will be happy to assist all businesses in preparing the files they need most professionally and comprehensively. For consultancy and more details, don't hesitate to contact us today.