When a Workplace Safety Consultant is Needed?

  Every business or production plant owner bears responsibility towards his employees. It is customary to focus on the success of the business, the relationship with the customers and suppliers, the cash flow and the like. In effect, the safety and health of the employees should come first. 

We should keep in mind that the most important and vital resource for any business owner, is his employees. It is therefore, important to give employees full attention, while ensuring a safer and more pleasant work environment. 

In order to maintain workplace safety, there is a need for safety devices, procedures and sometimes, even personal protective equipment, since this is the only way to maintain proper and safe conduct. 

We, at Safety On, will be happy to provide every company and organization with a workplace safety consultant, to ensure that yours is a safer workplace.   

Workplace Safety Consultant - why is it important to employ his services?

A workplace safety consultant can contribute immensely to any organization and company, as he is well-informed of all the various safety laws and regulations. The role of the safety consultant is to minimize the various risks in the workplace, by finding the most suitable solutions. 

A safety consultant is a highly experienced person in the field of safety, since not anyone can just do this job. Typically, the safety consultant has previously served as a safety officer, or was engaged in safety engineering. Positions of this type provide the professional with vast knowledge and experience in the field, which allows him to tailor the most ideal solution to any type of risk. 

Workplace Safety Consultant - when do we need his services?

First of all, it should be emphasized that the law in Israel does not explicitly state when a safety consultant should be employed, but only refers to a safety officer. 

By law, any workplace with more than 50 employees must employ a safety officer. In addition, any business that the regional supervisor determines that it requires the appointment of a safety officer due to its inherent risks, must also employ the right professional for the job. 

It should be clear that any type of business can benefit from the employment of a safety consultant, since every business is responsible for the safety and health of its employees. It is therefore, advisable to choose a highest-quality safety consultant. The safety consultant is responsible for writing the business safety plan, obtaining a business license, conducting risk surveys and more. This is an important and essential service, which minimizes risks in the workplace and prevents workplace accidents, occupational diseases and damage to property or the environment. 

We, at Safety On, will be happy to provide you with most professional safety consultants. We specialize in all workplace safety-related issues and have many years of experience in this field. For advice or more information, please contact us